Create Inspirational Ecommerce Website Design Product Page- A Step by Step Guide

                           Last Updated: July 15, 2020

The process of designing successful ecommerce store, involves two most important pages to focus on.

First is “homepage” as here you want your visitors to first land from outside sources, and provide long lasting first impression about your website. Furthermore, having clear navigation links within homepage either under main menu, categories or footer menu are essential to allow visitors to land on another important page “Product Page”.

So, what next when you redirect the visitors to product page?

The page should be engaging enough to stop visitors from going away and keep the exit rate of visitors without buying as low as possible.

Now the question is how you going to keep your hard-earned visitors engaged?

Not to worry we will show you variety of ways to keep hold of visitors and convert them into sales.

1.Attractive Visuals Human brain loves visuals, ‘we have the ability to pay attention to objects in the visual scene without even looking at them directly’ research by Ron Mangun, a researcher at the UC Davis Centre for Mind and Brain.

Feature photo– The first element within ecommerce product page design that draws the visitor’s attention is feature product photo.

  • Always use clear and high-resolution photo.
  • Use white or light background to avoid distraction and highlight more of the product within photo.
  • Provide zoom in and out button for more detail view of photo.

Gallery photos- Try to take the photos from various angles to showcase how the product really looks like. Take at least one shot of 360° to give real overview of the product.


Tip: Upload compressed photos to reduce the file size and increase the overall speed of your website page.


Do you know slow website can adversely affect its ability to be searched and ranked on Google or Bing? A study conducted by Bing on website performance found that a 2-second delay in search results can incur a revenue loss of 4.3% for each user.

Tools: Gimp is the free open source image editor where you can easily compress photos without losing the quality. Other option is Adobe photoshop which we personally use for all our imaging work and save automatically in the cloud.


2.Title and Description- So now you know how crucial visual content is to grab visitor’s attention. But to convince them to buy, high level of information about the product is important.

Keep the title simple and short, write what the product really is about.

While writing description keep few points in mind:

  • Avoid over complicated language, be more creative and fun.
  • Do not make Grammar and spelling mistake. A simple spelling error can make your website lose credibility among visitors.

A screenshot from a Nastygal website shows clear spelling mistake as ‘elasticicized’ instead of elasticized.


  • Provide in depth information. The high competition product requires detailed information, otherwise the visitors may turn to the competitor.

See the difference in description one from Gap and other from Gucci. Which product do you think someone may prefer to buy?







Tip: if you do not like writing, consider hiring freelancer through Fiverr

3.Build Customers Trust- According to Hubspot research 85% of customers trust online reviews are much as personal recommendation. Reviews, testimonials, videos, interviews, case studies and ratings work well.

Never display fake reviews, customers are good in spotting them and may adversely affect your conversion rate. Use various ways to collect them.

Here is an example of the tour company collects reviews from customers.



Another example of using customers testimonials in their popup campaign.


They use a customer testimonial with photo on the side to build credibility and receive leads. Showing popup during an exit is how you can increase the mailing list enormously.



4.Include all essential elements and call to action – Once the visitors have enough desire about your product, they may be searching for more information or answers to some questions. Try to provide all in one place and easily accessible.