4 Top Free Online WordPress Theme Detector Tools

                           Last Updated: July 21, 2020

WordPress is the most popular free web publishing software. Where you can create beautiful website, blog, or app. It includes huge number of free plugins and mobile responsive templates or themes. 

Theme in WordPress is a template or stylesheet used to design the look and feel of website. Such as colours, layout, and style. For a website to be successful the theme should be both technical and visually perfect.

You can do your own research to find a theme.

 or maybe you already have some website in mind that you like and wondering what theme the website is using?

To achieve your curiosity, we list down the best WordPress theme detector able to detect WordPress themes and Plugins.



The WordPress theme detector that tops in our list is Gochyu. Currently, it is the only online tool that not only detects WordPress themes but also Shopify, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop, Squarespace and hundred of different CMS/ Website builder to let you know how the site is built.



Gochyu gives detailed theme information such as author, theme rating, total downloads, and last update.

It provides the list of main plugins or apps used by website and the name of hosting provider.


2.WordPress Theme Detector 

WPTD is a simple and fast theme detector. It detects information such as the popularity and current position of theme among other WP themes. But lacks to provide info such as total download, last update, and hosting provider.

Like Gochyu, WPTD finds only few main plugins, although it provides the links to download the plugins.

If you return to check the results of same website, it shows the brief information of previous analysis and result.


3.WP Sniffer

WP Sniffer is a chrome extension tool that simply tells you if the website is WordPress or not. It does not provide the detail information about the theme.

To install this tool, click on add to chrome button and the icon appears on the right of the chrome toolbar. The icon turns orange automatically the moment it detects the WordPress theme.



Scanwp works pretty much like other WordPress theme detectors. Just enter the URL of the website you want to research, and it will detect all the basic information about the theme such author name, theme description, Price, related tags. 

 It is limited to scan few plugins only. Although if you want to see the preview of the theme, Scanwp provides the links of the websites that uses the similar theme.


To conclude, The above list of the tools should be more than enough to find out the themes and plugins used by your favourite WordPress website. Choose the right, easy to use theme and start building your dream website in matter of days or even hours with the most popular web publishing platform in the world WordPress.



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